Wearing Instructions

To maximize foot comfort in your FootPharmacy Direct orthotics it is important you follow these easy instructions for foot relief.

YOUR ORTHOTICS ARE NOT JUST ARCH SUPPORTS! THEY ARE RECOGNIZED  MEDICAL APPLIANCES, therefore an adjustment period to your appliances is necessary to obtain the full benefits of you new orthotics.

  1. Will I feel discomfort?

    Yes! Initially most people will feel “a lump in their arches” behind the metatarsal , where the feet have broken down. This will disappear by gradual wear. Begin by wearing your orthotics ONE HOUR the first day and adding an hour each succeeding day , second day two hours ,third day three hours, etc. Women generally will be able to wear their orthotics in comfort all day, all the time ,after about seven to ten days. Men usually take about ten to fourteen days of adjustment.

  2. If you have flat feet (fallen arches)….

    Start by wearing your orthotics one half hour the first day ,adding time each succeeding day,it may take three to six weeks before wearing them in comfort all the time —- BE PATIENT !!! Results are forth coming .

  3. Can I wear my orthotics while playing sports?

    YES,athletes of all caliber including world class professionals swear by the positive results of the new found comfort, balance and upper body strength their orthotics provide.

  4. Always wear your orthotics when purchasing new shoes.

    It will insure a perfect fit !!

  5. What if my orthotics move around in my shoes?

    Sometimes your Orthotics will have a tendency to move around in your shoes when walking—-simply apply velcro or double sided tape to both your orthotics and inside of your shoes—this will help eliminate any movement. 

  6. What if my shoe is too tight when I put it on with my Orthotics inside it?

    Most shoes have a thin foam rubber insert underneath the sole lining —— carefully lift up this lining and remove the foam rubber that has been glued in under your shoe lining. This will loosen your shoe to properly fit your orthotics.

  7. Can I wear orthotics in all my shoes?

    Yes, it is recommended you wear orthotics in every shoe you wear. Once adjusted too your orthotics they can be worn in most shoes. For best results wear lace up shoes.You can also wear your orthotics in high heels up to 2 and 1/2 inches high (measured on the inside of the heel). If your feet slip up at the heel –just use a heel liner (available at any local drugstore)

  8. Can I wear orthotics in my open heel shoes or sandals?

    Yes , just apply velcro on the heels like in step 5.