Customers Say:

"I couldn't believe it, but after only one week, my golf game is getting better. You should be seeing my golf partner soon!"

-- David. R.

"Words can not express my gratitude. The back pain I have been suffering with for the past 3 years is absolutely gone. Thank You so very much."

-- Mike B.

"Bar none this product is the best on the market. I highly recommend FootPharmacy to anyone who suffers from foot or back pain. Don't waste your money on other products, like I did. Well, for the 3rd time in my life, your product has made a big difference. My original set, was accidentally thrown away with dirty muddy shoes from the Hutchinson Kansas rally. I ended up with a different brand, never really helped me. Then I had bought a pair for my brother-in-law, as he was having such difficulty in walking and lifting any thing. He said the next day he felt like Hercules, and walked pain free from that day on.In the long run you will save hundreds of dollars by going to FootPharmacy Direct. They do have the best product on the market. It works!"

-- Loretta O., New York

"One year ago, I had a 6 way spinal fusion, and have been hurting still more than I liked 13 Months later, at Quartzsite, I saw you, and got another pair for myself. No more pain, can walk pretty  much unlimited, and no back pain, or meds for it since last week. Your product, is a true miracle worker for me, and every one I have known with them. I sent my brother in law, and his wife, (different brother in law) to you at Quartzsite, and they got two sets.

Me, can't say enough about how happy I am, been working lots, walking lots, and have not had to even think of taking a pain pill after a long day of installing satellite tv on the RV's.

Love your product, and again, if people had any idea how much these would help them, they would be willing to pay you double."

-- Dale M.

"I purchased a pair of orthotics from Foot Pharmacy Direct (FPD) at the FMCA Rally in Pomona and I could not be more satisfied with my purchase. The orthotics fit perfect, feel fine, and have significantly improved my foot and leg comfort.  I previously purchased orthotics from my medical provider which were larger and rather cumbersome. A few years ago I had foot surgery which included fusing some of the bones in my left foot, and after the surgery the previous orthotics no longer matched my feet. I then wore elastic braces to support my arches, I knew that orthotics would be better but the idea of getting an appointment for a prior authorization then getting a fitting and returning for the product was just not appealing. I have seen Foot Pharmacy Direct at many fairs, but never took the time to visit the booth. On this occasion I found myself suffering some rather bothersome foot pain as I walked by the Foot Pharmacy Direct booth. The staff were exceptionally knowledgeable, understood my concerns regarding my foot pain and my prior surgery, and selected and fitted an appropriate appliance for my feet. I received my custom orthotics the following day, and I have taken the time to write this recommendation because the reduction of foot discomfort is wonderful."

-- Gary K., Registered Pharmacist, Retired


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