Foot Conditions


Bunions develop when the pressures of bearing and shifting your weight fall unevenly on the joints and tendons in your feet. This imbalance pressures turns your big toe joint into a hard knob.

Corns and Calluses

Corns and Calluses are actually the same thing: thick, hard spots of dead skin caused by rubbing and pressure.

Heel Pain

Heel Pain is a chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament like structure that passes from the heel to the forefeet. The inflammation is caused by the fascia partially pulling away from the heel.

Hammertoes are produced by a muscle imbalance ,which causes the end joints and of one or two (or more) smaller toes to bend down ,while the closer joints bend up
Plantar Neuroma

Plantar Neuroma is a condition that effects one of the nerves that runs between the long bones (metatarsals) in the foot.

Plantar Fascitis

Plantar Fasciitis is defined as inflammation of, or damage to, one of the most important ligaments in the foot.

Flat Feet

Flat Feet tend to pronate or roll inwards when you walk.
High Arch

A High Arch foot lacks the needed flexibility for absorbing shock and tends to roll outward.